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For those of you who don't know I typically rant in an almost formal style (I act older than I am XD) so if you don't like having to follow along, then please avert your eyes.

I learn things everyday, most of the time by watching people. Yeah, I people watch. While I'm usually quiet and too scared to even stand up out of my chair, that doesn't mean I don't know how to tell personality types, what's right and wrong, or the right answers to questions to by listening. I learn things about specific people just by sitting near them and listening, a habit of mine is to never make eye contact with anyone. It's awkward....anyway, I've learned something. People are cruel and crave to spill blood, even if the owner is innocent. We're all cruel and none of us are completely good. That's how I see the world. But I guess I just see it in black and white, I see no distinct shades in between but I'm trying. So now I'm working on trying not to judge people. I've already gotten to where I can't hate. It's difficult for me to do so anyway.

I've also realized that we're all basically overgrown kids. I have to deal with this at school and at home, we get mad at one another and randomly decide to sock each other in the eye. (means to punch) Y'know ironically I don't feel mad right now, or sad. I feel...calm. First time in forever.

I think it's bad to judge people based on words or actions. You can know how someone acts but you might never know their thoughts, or if they're suffering internal turmoil. So words like 'emo' or 'depressed' are just empty labels that should have no meaning, and are just sounds. But that's not how it is here, we're human so we all feel things. Words can't be fired out of a gun and kill but they still hurt, for some unfathomable reason. Oddly people associate 'introvert' with 'shy'. Well, that's a misconception. They're both different things but I'm both an introvert and have a bad case of shyness that's practically incurable because since no one talks to me, and I talk to no one, I don't know how to fix it. Or, 'ignorant' and 'rude'. People can be really dumb sometimes but that's true for all of us.

For the rest of my life I'm pretty sure I won't understand why people feel they have to put themselves before others, or put others down because they claim to be better than the rest of the population. That's fine, if you'd like to think so then go ahead, I have no reason or right to stop anyone from thinking what they want. But for now I'll just speak my thoughts anyway. Like I said we're all human, we're equal. In that sense anyway, other than that we vary. Everyone's different in terms of personality or looks but I think it's great we've been given individuality. However most people choose conformity over that. I try to be different, because even if I were to act as everyone else, I would be marked, and shot down. I stand out easily, what with my height and the way I look all the time. That's not something to brag about but I'm just stating it. I may be marked as a target constantly but I'm still a person, right? So then why do we all act hostile to each other if we're the same creature? I don't get it.
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I'm just tryna get along wit' everybody. Don't mind my depressive periods ^^; I'm suffering from depression but I'm workin' on gettin' over it....:iconmiguelplz: also I'm ADD but that's no excuse for mah randomness XD

my Skype is ForestWarrior12 also. Random adds are actually appreciated ^^;


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