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Translation: I'm scared of my own family. Yeah. Not to sound like a troubled or emotional teen but seriously these people don't seem to like me. I get yelled at on a daily basis, I have had things thrown at me before. It's terrifying when I hear someone even walk past my door. I've said this stuff before but now it's gotten worse. I told :iconredg-dog: about it, when my dad starts yelling or if he even paces I have to run to my room or shuffle away so he won't notice me. He's thrown stuff at me even if I didn't do anything. He just assumed I had.

My mom isn't all that better because she refuses to listen to reason sometimes. I try to give my valid excuses but she won't listen or care. I could be grounded for the simplest reasons and she doesn't give a crap if my sister's home because I have to do all the chores anyway because my sis is in college and shouldn't be bothered -_- I'm the one in highschool and still having to be able to graduate to have a better life...something tells me I might not be able to with everything going on right now.

My sister doesn't do much to help. She has an idea in her head that she's the boss. That I'm a little kid needing to be babysat and does everything wrong. That if no one tells me what to do I can't do anything right. That right there led me to almost butcher her face this morning. Anyway, yeah she's pretty demanding even though she isn't my mother. She yells at me if I don't get her messages, she procrastinates and then gets mad at me for doing so, really she's a hypocrite. No amount of mom and dad saying 'it's her autism' will get me to get along with her perfectly. Or act like it doesn't faze me. I love my family but that love is becoming weak.

My dad only got home a while ago and before he had I thought maybe he'd gotten in an accident and died. This hadn't bothered me, scarily enough. It didn't. I was almost disappointed when I heard him walk by my room. There's something wrong with me now and I'm terrified...I really am....
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I'm just tryna get along wit' everybody. Don't mind my depressive periods ^^; I'm suffering from depression but I'm workin' on gettin' over it....:iconmiguelplz: also I'm ADD but that's no excuse for mah randomness XD

By the way, because of how often this happens, I felt it necessary to post a few things about my page or my personal preferences.

:bulletgreen: Guys, I like getting notes an' all but only because I roleplay. I get a bit impatient when I don't gt a reply after a few hours or so (terrible, I know) but when I get a note I actually get excited. That's not the point, the point is, don't send me a note saying 'thanks for the fave', no, don't do that >:I waste of time n' effort, plus, thank me on my page because I usually check for feedback.

:bulletgreen: And while I do in fact check for feedback, I won't always reply. Why? Simple. I'm lazy. Now, if it's a roleplay, heck yeah boiiii :D but when it's a comment on my art or a thank you, hmm. Sometimes I have to think of something to say before I send anything back.

:bulletgreen: I actually rarely get negative feedback on the internet. So when it happens I have one of two reactions: I get sort of sulky, or, I laugh about it because of it's stupidity. Mostly the latter or I just delete the comment. I don't care for things like that because to be be honest, waste of time and effort.

:bulletgreen: My art is, art. It's art to me because I'm the one who created these pieces ('cept the bases. I simply used them but gave credit back) and I can call it whatever I want. To have it be called 'emo' or 'depressing' well, that's your opinion. You can stick by it if ya like but eh :shrug: it's just vents usually.

:bulletgreen: If I bring up Skype, it's 'cause that's one of the best things I've got. I like to meet people and learn voices. My Skype is ForestWarrior12 but I know no one'll add me anyway 'cause I'm creepy and get on a bipolar coaster almost every week >_> but whatever. Moving on.

:bulletgreen: Let's hope this is the last. My page is long enough. My watchers should know by now I suffer from depression. Most of my watchers don't even talk to me actually, not that I care :I it's just, I don't like getting messages saying I need to shut the f*ck up or that I don't need to be on the internet with my attitude. I'm only human. I'm sorry that I'm not perfect :shrug:


Friends irl:


Brothers (not biological)

Sisters (one's biological)

:iconkim-306: (hi mommy ^^)

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